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Meet Faith

Hey! I'm Faith, and I'm the girl you'll see pretty much everywhere, always behind the camera. 

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About Me

Adventurer, traveler, Coffee Drinker, Dog lover.   

Growing up, I've always loved traveling. Roadtrips are my jam. To be truthful, there's nothing I hate more than staying in one place for too long. Texas is, and probably always will be my "home" However, there's nothing better than packing up and heading out of state. Seeing new places, trying new things, meeting new people. And it's like, I have this cool superpower where I get to capture all of that. Everywhere I go I not only capture new places, people and things, but I capture love. Unique love that makes your heart want to burst. That love we all crave. The love that sends chills down your spine. I think my job really is the coolest in the world. Destination wedding and elopement photographer. Getting to travel wherever my lens takes me is like no other. 
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This or That



M O R E    A B O U T
I'm a night owl. Mornings = death in my book. UNLESS, I'm heading out for a session. Then it's all worth it.  I love thunderstorms, but hate tornado warnings. Cereal is my favorite food, what's even weirder though is that I like substituting orange juice for milk in my fruity pebbles. I love plants even though I honestly don't have the greenest of thumbs. I love reading and my favorite day would look like cuddling up in some blankets with a good book, listening to the rain, and drinking lots of coffee. I'm a pretty creative person aside from photography. I like to draw/paint, and honestly wanted to be a tattoo artist for SO long because of that. Hiking/exploring is one of my favorite things to do. I have and will always be a sucker for a dr. pepper icee. I'm pretty picky about music these days. I can appreciate most songs, but for me to actually want to listen to it again it generally has to be under two minutes, and honestly, folk is my jam. The mountains are my favorite place to be. Van-life is such a dream for me.  My doggo is my bff and actually travels everywhere with me! I love thrifting, and most of my closet is from Goodwill because of that. I HATE drinking water.  I'm absolutely terrified of needles. My favorite shows are Friends, Gilmore girls, & The Office. And my all time favorite movie is Dirty Dancing c: 
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